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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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Examples of Kick Butts Day Events

Boston, Massachussetts

In Boston, a statewide youth tobacco prevention group called The 84 led a march of several hundred to the Statehouse in a show of support for the governor’s proposed tobacco tax, which was later passed.






Bourbon County, Kentucky

In Bourbon County, Kentucky, a group of students rallied on the courthouse lawn to advocate for a smoke-free law.








Duluth, Minnesota

In Duluth, Minnesota, a group of youth and their parents braved the cold to release 160 “wish lanterns” up in the air in a show of support for the proposed $1.60 tobacco tax, which was later passed.







Cortez, Colorado

In Cortez, Colorado, students surprised their classmates with a flash mob that broke out in the middle of a presentation on tobacco








New Bloomfield, Missouri

In New Bloomfield, Missouri, the Smokebusters club hosted a dodge ball tournament called “Stop the Tobacco Madness” that included a face-off between their school mascot, Wally the Wildcat, and Ciggy Butts.







Kodiak, Alaska

In Kodiak, Alaska, students spelled out “1200” by putting cups in a fence to bring attention to the number of Americans who die of tobacco-related causes every day.








Neptune, New Jersey

In Neptune, New Jersey, youth cleaned up their local parks during a month-long “Butt Drive” and presented the butts they collected as part of their request for a smoke-free ordinance in public parks and playgrounds










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