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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Supercharge Your Event

Develop a Fundraising and Sponsorship Strategy

Supplies such as signs, banners, t-shirts, fliers and giveaways can help draw attention to your event and enhance your message. With careful planning, you can develop a fundraising and sponsorship strategy to pay for the materials you need.

Here are some steps to start the process.

Determine Your Budget

Make a list of the supplies you need for the event. What do you already have? What do you need to buy? From there, you can start to develop a reasonable budget and determine how much money you need to raise.

Fundraising Ideas

Raise money and excitement for your Kick Butts Day event by hosting a fundraiser. Here are a few examples:

Sponsorship and In-Kind Donations

Many local businesses are eager to support charitable projects. Seek out businesses in your community that have already supported student efforts such as sports and clubs.

The most effective way to recruit a sponsor is to meet with them in person. Tell them about Kick Butts Day and what you are trying to accomplish with your event.

Determine what the sponsor will get out of the sponsorship. Will you advertise their sponsorship on a t-shirt, Facebook event, flyer or in any other way? Will the sponsor be able to attend the event and promote their business? This is a great way to incentivize the partnership.

Also, consider some practical ways local businesses could help -- you may think you just need money, but you could also use in-kind donations of materials like banners or T-shirts.


Promote Your Event to the Media
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