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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kick Butts Day Grants

How do I apply for a grant?

You must be a registered Kick Butts Day user (with a login and password) and have a registered event. Once you have registered your event, you'll be able to access the grant application form. The more thought and effort you put into your plan, the more likely you are to receive a grant.

Applicants must also be certified Taking Down Tobacco trainers to be eligible for a mini-grant. By becoming a trainer, you’ll gain access to everything you need to deliver the Taking Down Tobacco 101 training in your community.

Not a certified trainer yet? Start by signing up here to complete the Taking Down Tobacco training. Your Become a Trainer certificate can be found in your Achievements tab of your Taking Down Tobacco account.

What is the purpose of the grants?

When is the application due?

The deadline to apply for a mini-grant is January 11, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

Who can apply?

Anyone planning a Kick Butts Day event is encouraged to apply! Once you have registered your event, you'll be able to access the grant application form. The more thought and effort you put into your plan, the more likely you are to receive a grant.

What do we look for in applications?

Each year, the number of mini-grant applications we receive far exceeds the number of events we are able to fund; however, we are happy to be able to support high-impact events through the program.

Strong applications feature events with creativity, youth involvement in planning and implementing events, a detailed description, a strong communications/media plan and demonstrated financial need.

The grants cannot be used for direct lobbying of legislators. We do, however, encourage events and activities that educate policy makers and the public about the importance of policy change.

What is the difference between direct lobbying and educational advocacy?

Direct lobbying: Direct contact (e.g. meeting, call, email, letter) with policy makers encouraging them to vote for a specific policy or piece of legislation, usually with an applicable bill number. (Don't worry, you can still do an Anti-Tobacco Rally.)

Educating policy makers: Holding an event with youth that educates policy makers and the public about the importance of policy change (such as smoke-free air laws, raising tobacco taxes or sustaining prevention funds). We encourage any events that educate youth to use their voices!

Can I apply for multiple grants?

No, event organizers can only apply for one grant. Event organizers are encouraged to hold more than one event, but we will only be able to fund one at most. The grants are in high demand, and we want to be able to give funding to as many people as possible! For your grant application, choose the event that is most in need of funding and provide details of what other funding you may receive.

What can you use the grant for?

Note: Recognition items include T-shirts, certificates, plaques, and similar items. Every effort should be made to secure funding from other sources for larger food costs and celebration activities.

What can you NOT purchase with grant funds?

What does a sample acceptable budget look like?

Rally at the State Capital:

Transportation: $200 - We need 2 school buses to take us to the state capital. We are going to have 100 students go on the trip.

Administrative expenses (phone, email, postage): $0.

Art supplies/materials: $150 - We are going to create a banner with our group's name for our press conference and to use as a visual during our rally. We are also going to make posters and have a visual Fatal Figures campaign on the lawn of the capital, which we received a permit for.

Advertising/marketing: $50 - We will create palm cards to hand out at our event to people who pass by during our event.

Refreshments: $0

Recognition: $100 - We are going to award our allied representatives with plaques at our press conference.

Total: $500

What kind of follow-up is expected after Kick Butts Day?

Grant recipients will be required to provide a post-event report, (including your materials/use of funds, if applicable) as well as pictures of the event to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids via email and flickr.

How many applications do you expect?

We expect to receive several hundred grant applications. Make your application stand out by including as many details as possible.

How can I fund my event if I don't get a grant?

Great question! Check out our materials on fundraising and sponsorship strategies. Fundraising and recruiting sponsors are not only great ways to fund your event, but also bring more attention to Kick Butts Day in your community.


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