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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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Train up to Kick Butts with Taking Down Tobacco

Posted by Erica Olmstead on 30 Nov 2017

With Kick Butts Day registration officially open, it’s time to start getting ready for March 21 by brainstorming and planning a powerful, creative, and impactful event. Over the next four months, we’ll share free resources, ideas and tips and tricks to make sure your event is the best it can be. The best foundation for an awesome event is a team of knowledgeable and trained youth leaders. We’ve got what you need to get that team ready: Taking Down Tobacco.


Taking Down Tobacco is a comprehensive youth advocacy training program created by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in partnership with the CVS Health Foundation. This initiative educates and engages youth through free online and in-person training. It provides introductory training for youth new to the fight against tobacco and advanced training to help young leaders take their advocacy to the next level.

We’ve reached half a million youth around the country since launching the program in January. That’s pretty amazing!

Even better? Our Activities that Kick Butts training is filled with activity ideas and free tools and resources to plan your event.


Using Taking Down Tobacco to get your group ready to plan an activity that kicks butts is simple – just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a free online account at
  2. Complete Taking Down Tobacco 101, our introductory course full of all the basics about the dangers of cigarette smoking and other tobacco use, the many types of tobacco products and how they are marketed, and the proven solutions that can win the fight against tobacco.
  3. Complete Messaging Matters to learn how to use your personal story to develop relatable, clear and concise messages that activate action in your community.
  4. Complete Activities that Kick Butts to identify the key components of impactful advocacy events and activities, how to use your creativity to create a successful, innovative activity, and examples of activities that kick butts.
  5. Keep training up to boost your knowledge and skills and earn points you can redeem for grants and gear!


Feeling ambitious? Consider becoming a certified Taking Down Tobacco trainer and delivering a Taking Down Tobacco training in your community for Kick Butts Day, or complete our additional advanced Core 4 training to learn how to advocate with the media and decision-makers.


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About Erica OlmsteadErica Olmstead currently serves as the Youth Advocacy Associate Director at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Her tobacco control journey began as a youth advocate in New York 13 years ago.
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