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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Kick Butts Blog

Register your event to get on the map!

Posted by Erica Olmstead on 6 Feb 2018

With less than two months left until Kick Butts Day, it’s time to stand up and be counted! On March 21, youth across the United States and around the world will take a stand against Big Tobacco. Will you help us create the first tobacco-free generation?

If you are already planning a Kick Butts Day event, awesome! Make sure you register it as soon as possible so we’re aware of the events taking place and you can be featured on our 2018 Kick Butts Day map. If you haven’t planned your event yet, there’s still plenty of time! Check out our Activities Database today to get started.

Once you register your event, it will appear on our 2018 Kick Butts Day map, an interactive tool that shares information about events worldwide. Getting on the map is a great way to let your community, local media, and other Kick Butts Day advocates know about your planned activity.

Bonus? For a limited time, we’ll give swag packs to every 50th event registered.

Event Registration FAQ:

  1. Why should I register my event?
    When you register your event, you get featured on our Kick Butts Day event map, are eligible for prizes leading up to Kick Butts Day and could be selected to be featured in our statewide media releases. But most importantly, the more events we can count, the louder our voices and the bigger our impact!

  2. I’m still finalizing the details for my event – should I still register it?
    Yes! You can log into your account at any time and update your event details any time between now and one week before Kick Butts Day. By registering your event early, you help us get an accurate count of events happening across the country and also have a better chance of being highlighted in our state media releases!

  3. I’m hosting multiple events – should I register them all?
    Absolutely! Register each event individually so we can get an accurate count of events happening across the country.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s events on the map. With every event planned, we are one step closer to creating the first tobacco-free generation.

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About Erica OlmsteadErica Olmstead currently serves as the Youth Advocacy Associate Director at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Her tobacco control journey began as a youth advocate in New York 13 years ago.
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