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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Kick Butts Blog

Get Press Coverage for Your Event

Posted by Erica Olmstead on 15 Feb 2018

You spend a lot of time organizing your Kick Butts Day events, and everyone should hear your message!

Press coverage helps you spread your message farther, publicize your event and boost attendance. Key decision makers may also see these news stories, which can appear in print newspapers, online or on TV, and it can inspire others to get involved in the fight against tobacco.

Never worked with the media before? Don’t worry - we have all the resources you need to generate press coverage for your event!

We’ve developed several do-it-yourself resources for event organizers who want to reach out to local media:

  • The Promote Your Event to the Media page explains how to tell local media about your event.
  • Our February webinar focused on kicking butts through the media. Download the slides here
  • Our updated media how-to kit includes tips for working with reporters, templates for writing a media advisory and a letter-to-the-editor, and a sample release form for minors.
  • Our comprehensive training program, Taking Down Tobacco, includes a training called “Mastering the Media” which teaches learners the skills to work with the media.


Additionally, our expert media team will review all registered events and identify select events to highlight and promote in statewide press releases, so be sure to register your event today!

Trying to get media coverage may seem difficult, but the headlines you’ll receive are worth the effort!

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About Erica OlmsteadErica Olmstead currently serves as the Youth Advocacy Associate Director at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Her tobacco control journey began as a youth advocate in New York 13 years ago.
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