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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Kick Butts Day Updates: map

Tomorrow is Kick Butts Day -- Are you ready?

After months of planning, it’s finally here – tomorrow is Kick Butts Day! Tomorrow, advocates across the United States and around the world will stand out, speak up, and seize control against Big Tobacco with creative, impactful events.

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20 Mar 2018

One month until Kick Butts Day!

It’s not too late to plan an exciting, creative, impactful Kick Butts Day event! Our Activities Database is full of tried and true activity ideas for your event and can be sorted by time and cost.

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21 Feb 2018

Register your event to get on the map!

With less than two months left until Kick Butts Day, it’s time to stand up and be counted!

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6 Feb 2018

Put your event on the map!

Getting on the map is a great way to let your community, local media, and other Kick Butts Day advocates know about your planned activity.

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31 Jan 2017

Final tips and tricks for your event!

Tomorrow is Kick Butts Day! After months of planning, youth, health advocates and teachers across the United States will stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco. We can’t wait to see your creativity and passion in action!

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15 Mar 2016

Get on the map!

Kick Butts Day is less than two months away! Every registered event will appear on our interactive map that shares information about events throughout the country and around the world.

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19 Jan 2016

One month until Kick Butts Day 2015!

Register your Kick Butts Day event today and get counted!

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18 Feb 2015

Only 40 days left until KICK BUTTS DAY!

With only 40 days left until the main event, there’s plenty you can do to prepare for the best Kick Butts Day yet!

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8 Feb 2013

Get on the Map!

There are now over 750 events registered -- where is yours?

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30 Jan 2013

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