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Kick Butts Day is a program of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Kick Butts Day Updates: mini grants

Boost Your Event with a Mini-Grant

We’re thrilled to once again offer mini-grants to support Kick Butts Day events around the country. Mini-grants are a way for us to boost events that demonstrate creativity, youth leadership, and careful planning to reach the media and decision-makers.

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20 Dec 2016

Webinar Follow Up/Slides: New KBD Resources and Activities

Download the slides from our most recent webinar and mark your calendars

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20 Jan 2015

December Webinar Follow Up

Download the slides from our most recent webinar and mark your calendar for our next webinar

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15 Dec 2014

Now Accepting Mini-Grant Applications!

Apply to receive a $150, $250 or $500 mini-grant to supercharge your Kick Butts Day Event!

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15 Dec 2014

Kick Butts Day Webinar Series Announced: Mini-grants, Activities and Action

First Kick Butts Day Webinar Dec. 10 from 3-4 p.m. EST to launch mini-grants and more

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4 Dec 2014

Webinar: Tips for Making Your Kick Butts Day Event Bigger and Better

Find out more about the resources available to help you plan a successful KBD event.

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23 Jan 2014

Mini Grant Applications Due January 31!

Apply for either a $250 or $500 grant to help cover the costs of your event and to push it to the next level.

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14 Jan 2014

A Great Time to Kick Butts

Kicks Butts Day 2014 is extra important because it falls near a special anniversary.

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9 Jan 2014

Now Accepting Mini-grant Applications

Apply now for a $250 or $500 grant to supercharge your KBD event.

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4 Dec 2013

Kick Butts Day 2014 is Coming!

Have you registered your event? Here are important deadlines to help you prepare for KBD 2014!

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26 Nov 2013

Kick Butts Day 2013 Was a Big Success!

Nearly 1,300 events were held across the country. Learn more here.

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21 Mar 2013

Webinar Slides and Recording

Download slides and a recording from our January 7, 2013, webinar.

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10 Jan 2013

Grants 101 – Webinar Today!

With the deadline just over one week away, here’s everything you need to know about Kick Butts Day grants

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7 Jan 2013

Mark your calendar!

Kick Butts Day Dates and Deadlines

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4 Jan 2013

Webinar Recording Available

Download a copy of our December 13, 2012, webinar with everything you need to know about Kick Butts Day 2013.

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18 Dec 2012

Apply for a Mini Grant!

Only 1 month left to apply for a $250 or $500 mini grant!

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14 Dec 2012

100 days until Kick Butts Day!

Today is 100 days until Kick Butts Day, and we have a few great announcements for you and reasons why you should be partaking in the countdown!

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10 Dec 2012

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